Thursday, August 30, 2018

2009 RFN Poster From Nate Hellman

Hector Madariaga pointed out that Nate blogged about a long forgotten poster from ASN Renal Week 2009. Long before it was even called Kidney Week. I pulled up the abstract program from 2009 and found it. I recall going to his poster as I was an avid follower of RFN and a friend of Nate. However, this was well before phones were ubiquitous and I have no direct photo evidence of attending. Reading the abstract is impressive. A few things to note about this abstract. First, Nate blogged in 308/365 days in an entire year! I don't believe this feat will ever be matched. Impressive! Second, the future section is very interesting and I believe Nate would be proud to see the website live on. Now in the 10th year of RFN let's all cheers to Nate and another 10 years of RFN.

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