Nathan Hellman
The Renal Fellow Network (RFN) was established on April 23rd, 2008 by the late Nathan Hellman. RFN was created to provide a forum to discuss interesting nephrology cases, scientific papers, and other topics germane to nephrologists, particularly fellows. Our goal is to present  cutting edge nephrology-related research and challenging clinical topics in an easily digestible format. The current co-editors of the site is Gearoid McMahon and Matt Sparks, with faculty advisor input Paul Phelan and Andrew Malone, Kelly Hyndman, Anna Burgner, Jennie Lin, Pravir Baxi, our contributors are a spread of Nephrology fellows and attendings from across the United States and the United Kingdom. If you are interested in becoming a contributor please contact the co-editor.

In November 2010 the Renal Fellow Network announced a partnership with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).  We are delighted to team up with NKF, and believe this is an exciting opportunity for both parties.  This collaboration serves to help sustain the site for future nephrology fellows by creating an editorial board composed of nephrology fellows whose mission will be to keep the integrity and mission of the site intact.  The NKF does not provide monetary support to RFN.  From our perspective, we hope the collaboration will further raise the profile of the site, allowing us to reach an even wider audience. Our ultimate goal is to provide an integrated hub for all Nephrology practitioners, providing useful and up to date clinical and research information, permitting discourse on topics of clinical or career interest, and serving a go-to source for information on grants, fellowships and other information relevant to Nephrologists, whatever the stage of their careers.

As of December 2015, RFN averages 50,000 page views and site visits per month, and 40,000 unique site visits per month. Interest in the site, as reflected in number of unique page views, has grown month-on-month for the past year. Approximately 45% of our readers are fellows, 20% attendings, 20% are residents or medical students and 5% are involved in full time research according to the poll conducted on our website (figure below).

Lastly, RFN is a non-profit educational resource maintained on a voluntary basis. As such, RFN does not endorse nor accept advertisement from industry. If commentors post material that is deemed advertisement reviewers will delete the comment from the site without warning. Furthermore, the site adheres to strict patient confidentiality principles outlined by HIPAA
Data from August 2017