Thursday, January 14, 2010

Up To Date: The Nephrology Textbook of Today?

The Poll Results from last week were relatively convincing: Up To Date is the most commonly used current reference system for rapidly obtaining nephrology knowledge, with 67% of respondents declaring Up To Date as their top source. I certainly used this a lot as a fellow, though I also tend to use the primary literature (e.g., Pub Med or a familiar review) a lot as well. Googling is common (and according to this 2006 NEJM article by Steinbrook, more journal articles are accessed via Google than Pub Med--not sure if this is still true). Up To Date has historical roots in nephrology, as one of its cofounders, Dr. Burton Rose, is a nephrologist and electrolyte guru, author of one of the premier acid-base/electrolyte texts which should really be required reading for all nephrology fellow.

New poll starts tonight.


Joel Topf said...

You left off the link to the NEJM article.

I still use UpToDate 6 years removed from fellowship. Primary literature is great for researching Truth but in a hectic clinic its too easy to be swayed by what is easy to find rather than what is best.

nathanhellman said...

Oops, forgot the link--I pasted it in (from 2006, R. Steinbrook). Thanks for your comments as always.