Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 10 Nephrology 2013 - Summaries

Four days left to vote for the top nephrology story of 2013. So far, the top 3 are:
  1. The CORAL Trial
  2. The Nephron-D Trial
  3. JASN paper showing improved mortality for online HDF compared with standard HD.
The first two are not so surprising - high profile papers presented at the ASN and published in the NEJM. Even if they were negative trials, they have a significant impact and will change clinical practice. The third is more surprising to me personally although it is an important paper.

For a round up of pieces promoting various stories in this and other blogs:
Even if you don't feel like voting, this is a great set of summaries about some of the most important stories in nephrology for the year. Vote early and vote often

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