Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Renal Fellow Network Comes to ASN...

Renal Fellow Network is taking its show on the the ASN meeting in San Diego, CA!  

I'm presenting a "Renal Fellow Network" poster at the poster session on Saturday, 10/31 (SA-PO2863) if anybody would like to drop by & chat.  Unfortunately, this time slot also coincides with my poster for my research--and therefore I will likely be shuttling back and forth between posters.  One thing is for sure:  it will definitely be sunnier than the fog & rain in Boston we are currently experiencing!


mith said...

I have a question.
Where do u get the pics associated with the posts?


nathanhellman said...

Generally I just perform a search on google images for an appropriate image, or I borrow figures from journals. Strictly speaking, there are probably copyright issues for some of these images I have overlooked; however, since I have no plans to monetize the blog and do my best to correctly site the image source, I have not yet received any complaints. Hope this answers your question.