Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Wide Range of Potassium Behaviors

Very interesting results of the RFN Poll of the Week regarding different opinions regarding managing the potassium bath in a patient with hyperkalemia!

Of the options give, there was a near three-way split between the first three answers (giving a 1K bath, giving a 2K bath, or a giving a 1K bath and then changing to a 2K bath after one hour).  In my opinion, this speaks to the overall lack of data describing what one should do in managing hyperkalemia during dialysis!  I would also imagine that an individual's choice would be highly influenced as to where they trained or what the practice patterns are at their individual hospitals.  

Personally, I was taught the "rule of 7's"--the patient's serum K plus their dialysate bath K should equal approximately 7.  Unfortunately this tends to break down at higher potassium levels.  

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Anonymous said...

I think the ideal way to manage this problem is a step approach (3/2/1 etc) which will prevent a sudden change of K gradient to avoid potential dangerious cardiac issues

Unknown said...

I like the rule of 7's.. never heard that one.

Great job with the changes on the blog.

Keep up the good work!


Unknown said...

I think the important factor for determining K bath in this case is patient's compliance to the diet (NO MORE BANANAS DISHES).If this patient is known non-compliant I will tend to use lower K bath.

Thanks again and again for this informative blog.Keep up the good work.