Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dream RCT in Nephrology: what would you choose?

The DreamRCT initiative, driven by Jordan Weinstein of UKidney & Joel Topf of PBFluids, has gone live. The project can be seen as an online reaction to the dearth of clinical trials in nephrology. It has been supported by the nephrology blogging community and features some great ideas to answer burning questions in our specialty. Some dream RCTs are more doable than others but all topics stimulate interest.

RFN has contributed with my IMAGINE & IMAGINARY studies in tranpslant immunosuppression and Andrews DREAM-CARD study of diuretic management after cardiac surgey.

The other enteries are:
O-My Study by Pascale Lane
CA-HIL study by Kenar Jhaveri
URIC ACID-CKD study by Joel Topf
International Glomerular Disease trial network by Matt Sparks
PHANTOM-1 Study by Ed El Sayed
Prevent DeaDD by Swapnil Hiremath
PhosFATE Trial by Jordan Weinstein

Check out the contenders on the impressive UKidney website and vote now. Dream it, do it!

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